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Backwoods Party Smoker

  • Party with Standard Black Doors
  • Party Interior
  • Smoke Stack
  • Side Vents
  • Temperature Guage
165.00 LBS
Custom crafted in the USA. Generally ships in 6 - 8 weeks.
Calculated at checkout (For smokers, see shipping tab below for details.)

Product Description

Capitol BBQ - Your Local BBQ Shop is pleased to offer the Backwoods Party Smoker, which weighs 130 pounds, and has 6 racks spaced 4" apart. The unit can accommodate 18 slabs of baby back ribs, 12 slabs of St. Louis style spare ribs, 6 - 8 large briskets or 8 - 10 Boston butts. The base unit includes a water pan that can be removed for grilling.

The interior cooking area is surrounded by 1" of insulation which provides a consistent cooking temperature. Exterior dimensions: 24" deep, 20" wide and 48" tall (when measured to the top of the smoke stack). Interior dimensions: 17" deep, 25" tall and 16" wide. The capacity and portability of this unit make it easily transportable to your local competition.

We humbly tend to agree! The party unit is a great mix of size and portability, giving you the option to use this cooker in competition, or for simple backyard smoking. It features a replaceable water pan for easy cleaning, as well as turning the smoker into a high capacity grill.  A standard party comes with gasketed doors and latches, non stainless doors, and the new standard smokestack.

Shipping / Local Pick-Up

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. Once your order is received, we will contact you with an estimated delivery date. Actual shipping costs for the Party Smoker will vary depending upon your location, but typically average between $275 and $375. When ordering online, you will be charged a $250 deposit on shipping. The balance due on shipping will be charged to your credit card when your smoker is shipped. To receive an actual shipping quote using your zip code prior to placing your order, please contact us at contact@capitolbbq.com.