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We Don't Like It

SAVU Smoker Bag (We Don't Like It)


Product Description: We purchased a pack or three (3) SAVU brand Smoker Bags online for $13.50 plus tax.  These products are designed to add natural smoke flavor during the cooking process and have special formulations for Beef/Pork, Fish, and Poultry.  We wanted to see if these products would deliver on adding natural smoke flavoring while cooking indoors in your home oven.

Preparation/Instructions: The Capitol BBQ team scheduled our test kitchen and purchased a fresh 7 pound bone-in boston butt pork shoulder with the goal of making smoked pulled pork.  We carefully followed the product use instructions to pre-heat our GE Monogram oven to 450 degrees F and put our oven rack in the lowest possible position.  We then seasoned our pork shoulder with our American Classic gourmet seasoning and inserted it into the smoker bag and sealed it shut by crimping and rollinng one end.  We placed the bag on a cooking sheet and placed the product in our 450 degree oven.

Results: Our experience in using this product was not satisfactory.  When we inserted our pork shoulder into the bag the side of the bag separated easily.  We crimped the foil sides back together and began the cooking process.  In the first 10 minutes we detected a very faint sweet smoke in our kitchen that dissapated quickly.  We continued cooking our pork shoulder according to the suggested cooking times based on weight provided on the product packaging.  When we removed the pork shoulder at the end of the cooking process we were surprised that the internal temperature was still hovering around 140 degrees F (far too low to pull the pork by hand).  We returned the meat in the smoker bag for additional 30 minute segments removing only to check temperature.

Ultimately we cooked the pork shoulder for ~ 1 hour and 45 minutes before achieving a temperature above 185 degrees F.  We rested the meat for 20 minutes, removed the bone by hand, and began to pull the pork.  We were disappointed that the appearance, taste, and texture of the pulled pork did not contain any natural smoke flavor.  We were suspicious from the beginning that attempting to cook BBQ pork at 450 degrees F would yeild a moist and flavorful authentic result.  The old addage of starting slow and never getting any faster to make authentic American BBQ is the truth.  We do not recommend purchase of this product for adding natural smoke flavor to foods indoors.