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Polder Dual Temp Gauge


With the Polder dual temp gauge you can take the oven temperature and the meat temperature at the same time with the Dual Sensor Thermometer. The meat thermometer has a range of 120°F (49°C) to 200°F (90°C). The oven thermometer has a range of 150°F (66°C) to 550°F (288°C). The heat-resistant silicon grip is safe to touch up to 650°F. USDA cooking chart printed directly on the face. Dishwasher safe. When using your smoker or grill it works great for monitoring temp of the meat and the cooking chamber simultaneously. Cleans up easy.Capitol BBQ offers catering packages, recipes, charcoal fired grills, replacement parts, smokers, BBQ tools, gourmet sauces and seasonings.